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Biotransmitters treated with Phi-Lambda-Technology ®
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Bio-Energetic products Phi-Lambda-Technology ®

For vitality and wellbeing.
For one-suppressed and quiet place to sleep.
For a better handling of bio-energetic states and stressful situations.
To protect against electric smog, TV and computer screen radiation.
To optimize food.
• As a caring, regenerating and chemical-free cosmetics for hair, skin and nails.
For the rehabilitation of natural character, vitality and self-regenerative powers of animals.
For the rehabilitation of the life instinct, and the original properties of the natural resistance of plants.
For economic washing and electromagnetic protection for your garments.
To reduce exhaust gases and to save fuel.

Discover for yourself this bio-energetic power potential, which can cause your body to a higher well-being, better health and thus to more joy and vitality. Thousands of users have already been partially exempted from years of chronic or incurable disease, thanks to Phi-Lambda-Technology ® and can lead a healthy life. Phi-Lambda-Technology ® products last a lifetime.

The products presented on this site are not drugs, not scientifically proven, and not replace traditional medical examination, so we can ascribe no effect! If you are sick, please always consult your doctor!

Small introduction to the Phi Lambda Technology®

  • There is at first sight simple liquids, plastic panels, magnets or other “data media”, and nevertheless they can change your life. The Phi Lambda Technology®, which is introduced here, does not affect “normal” way. It acts on that level of subject, energy, area and life, which represent a book with seven seals for conventional physics, chemistry and biology unfortunately still: , where the mental aspect of the subject begins and where in organisms the biological procedures steers the life.

    Thousands of years old knowledge of inaugurating and new realizations on this past no man's land between spirit and subject also as fine-material level admits is united finally to understanding the causes behind the material Manifestationen of the life led. On the basis of this understanding Swiss bio researcher and nature wissenschafter André E developed, refined and for different ranges of application made. Oefeli usable in over 28jähriger research work the Phi Lambda Technology®.

    In order to profit from the Phi Lambda Technology®, you must about it nothing know and also “in it not believe” - the substrates bio lnformation unfold in such a way or so their effect with more impressed. But we are the opinion, humans of age should and want know, with which and how they affect on the life procedures of their body or those of their animals and plants; therefore! find a short explanation of the unknown forces, in each alive organism and also in the “dead” subject at the work are here and owing to their realization those

    Phi Lambda Technology® their gentle, but profound effects to obtain can.

    Come with us on a discovery journey - to the roots of the life

Lambda Lebensquanten, the sources of the life

  • Life manifests itself as intention. The fundamental difference between a dead board and a same piece wood in a living tree is that that latter intentions demonstrates - it wants to drive sheets, sunlight catches, flowers and prospers.

    In a seriously ill or already dead cell everything approaches the stop, with a healthy living cell gives it obviously to something, which drives it to arranged movement. We call the autonomous individual unit, which is able to exercise such intention a Lambda Lebensquant. There is Lambda Lebensquanten, which are responsible for the biological life.

    A larger organism like the human body is animated by an inconceivable number of life quanta. These are, as e.g. the personnel of a large company organizes, hierarchically, whereby individual life quanta are responsible for differently large ranges. Each atom, each molecule, each Organelle, each cell, each cell federation, each organ, each functional part of the body and each total organism are steered by at least one life quantum.

    Death on each level is to equate with the leaving of the Lambda Lebensquanten - a dead cell is like a branch of an enterprise, in which nobody works more.
    A dead organism corresponds to a company, whose management is taken off.

    Illness results from the inability of life quanta to do their “job” correctly or from their disorganization among themselves. The cause for it can be both with unfavorable material influences from the outside and at internal “bad management”.

    In the ideal, completely healthy organism each life quantum exercises its intentions correctly in the context of the overall organisation, as in the ideal, thoroughly recovers to company each personnel member the correct work at the right time correctly settled.

Phi Lebensquanten and the orthodox natural sciences.

  • Life quanta are the mental element suppressed in the natural sciences. Conscious humans always knew from the mental one or “finematerial”; they noticed it as “vitality”, “psyche” or “soul” of all alive one.

    New however the discovery of the life quanta is as autonomous units, and again is also the technically usable understanding of their functions and their organisational structure.

    Many conventional scientific realizations apply nevertheless still; clearly wrongly is however the acceptance that life is a result of material operational sequence. It turned around exactly: The observable structures and operational sequence are the result of the intentions and activities of life quanta!

    Life quanta are not passive life breath. They animate subject most actively: by it biochemical and physical operational sequence both on set and to the situation adapt or terminate.

    After their role we arrange it:
    Phi Lebensquanten form the “dead” “roughmaterial” subject. They are strictly programmed” and calculable “; only therefore physics and chemistry are e.g. relatively reliable sciences.

    Lambda Lebensquanten steer vital processes, it animate and organize Phi. Their considerable freedom of action is together with the past Ignoranz over their existence and its behavior a principal reason for the fact that Pharmazeutik and medicine are e.g. relatively unreliable sciences.

    Nearly like you as a person a complex material body, but a Geist* is not simple, which employs something with this body, then is also an organism, an organ, a system or a cell not simple a complex accumulation of interactive subject. Each alive unit is a to a large extent autonomous organism with all the intentions of their
    Lambda Lebensquanten. It reacts not only after material laws, but also - so one could say - like the Lambda Lebensquanten to want.

    more *Der human spirit (the actual personality, which “I”) can be regarded likewise than life quantum, which is to be added however compared with the Phi and Lambda Lebensquanten of a higher order treated here.

In the frontier of spirit and subject:


Phi Lambda Technology® at the interface.

  • Lambda Lebensquanten are spirit and inform themselves among themselves telepathisch. Magnetic fields, bio photons and similar phenomena are only secondary communication ways; for example the command and feedback ways to and of the subject: control the Lambda Lebensquanten material procedures by means of those.

    This “interface” between spirit and subject lies in the Phi Lebensquanten. Phi Lebensquanten are both, spirit and subject; indeed on the one hand that manifestation of the spirit, which we know as subject, on the other hand that aspect of the subject, which we call “fine-material information”. Independently of its “normal” physical characteristics carry each subject, energy and space particle with the Phi Lebensquanten mental information on itself, which will receive from the Lambda Lebensquanten can - and become.

    As Phi Lebensquanten can communicate both telepathisch with Lambda and other Phi Lebensquanten and on the material level, with physical procedures as photon emission etc., among themselves.

    In accordance with the model, on which the Phi Lambda Technology® is based, three levels act with alive organisms. On the Lambda level an organization of LambdaLebensquanten (also body-own intelligence or somatic understanding called) operates; it makes decisions. The motor and sensory communication ways form a middle level: the mental Phi level, on which Phi Lebensquanten communicate both telepathisch and with fine material means. The lowest, the material Phi level is so far excluding investigated world of the physically measurable phenomena.
    The Phi Lambda Technology® can intervene also newly discovered methods on the mental Phi level in this system. With their it is possible to feed the Phi Lebensquanten information. The information is passed on from the mental Phi level at Lambda.

    These interferences are not gentle and have side effects, contrary to interferences on the material Phi level such as genetic engineering, medicines etc., those without consideration for the intentions that
    Lambda Lebensquanten work.

    The Phi Lambda Technology® makes “only” suggestions, which arrive from Phi first at Lambda. The life, Lambda, decides then whether it wants to work with the conveyed information or not!

Improvement of the quality of life with Phi Lambda Technology®:


Gently however efficiently.

  • The model of the life presented here moves also the structure of its functions into a new light: This concerns and interlaced an organized, arranging communication system from steering Lambda Lebensquanten computers and data media (Phi Lebensquanten).

    Primary importance for the quality of the life of an organism comes to the river of correctly finished information, the optimal distribution and completion of tasks. This communication takes place particularly on the fine-material, bioenergetic level; the roughmaterial (physical and chemical) procedures are secondarily, predominantly “only” results, with computer expressions comparable.
    So also chemical and physical interferences are in organisms comparably with as grobschlächtigen corrections as e.g. a crossing out or an erasing and Uberschreiben on an expression. The actual errors are not repaired thereby. In addition it comes that the life quanta are ignored and the foreigncertain changes in their “product” are completely unexplainable for it; i.e. their confusion and its Fehlleistungen, the cause for the interference were, not only are not corrected, but cumulates on a long-term basis and additionally still increased.

    Phi Lambda Technology® products against it carry information and repair of programs into the alive complex, which are given the Lambda Lebensquanten as a form of assistance, with which it disturbances themselves repair and the general situation optimize can. The “expression”, which material organism, regenerated in the consequence of in such a manner supported life quanta: The body brings itself on natural way in order and Bestform. Differently than with Homöopathie, Spagyrik, brook blooms, anthroposophischen and ayurvedischen means, which work also predominantly gently, is not based the fine-material information with the Phi Lambda Technology® on the variable “life history” of the assigned Phi quanta from nature, but she is specifically and conceived and impressed precisely for the desired effect. In addition it works past not at the Lambda life quanta”, but in co-operation with them. Thus the Phi Lambda technology brings a new, revolutionary efficiency into the gentle influence of the organism.




Small articles

Wood and enterprise


The enterprise is a living organism.

It is pre-programmed, in order to grow sheet, bloom and resounding seeds.

It is pre-programmed, in order to survive.

It converts energy into new forms.

In the complete universe no two apples, two sheets, are not two cells the same and in the end, are two atoms same the any.

They are fair very something similar.

Wood is so-called “dead” affair.

“dead” affair really does not exist. We describe it as such, because them do not keep no more the energy or the intention, in order to grow.

Life quantity
A life quantity is an autonomous individual nature, which is capable of the good-ordered movement of causing.

THETA life quantities
The human understanding (the material condition, which “Ego”) can be described as life quantity. However he should be attributed to a higher order compared with Phi and Lambda life quantities.

Lambda life quantities
They steer processes of the life and organize Phi. Their considerable liberty, to, to function together with the preceding ignorance of their existence and behavior is one of the principal reasons, why pharmaceutical products and medicine of relatively more unstably sciences. At organism, an organ is, is not a system of a cell not simply an accumulation interacting quantities of the life affair Lambda is responsible for its organization. Each Lambda life quantity does not only have its own consciousness and accomplishes its own computations, it reacts according to physical laws in addition, at the will.

PHI life quantities
They represent “liveless”, “uncleaned” affair. They are rigidly” and predictable “; this is the only reason, why physics and chemistry are e.g. relatively steady sciences.


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Scientist and bio suppl. TICist


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