Many therapists, some doctors and pharmacists who know the Phi Lambda Technology already recommend us to others. When we convince you?


Dr. Walter R. med mouse, Doctor of Naturopathic Überlingen on Lake Constance has, after he tested on himself and some of his patients Phi Lambda products, expressed as follows:

"It will be the medicine of the future, to develop healing programs and applied to the signal carrier. Bioressonanz The success of the therapy here has already opened the first doors and brought a change of mindset in motion"

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Read about the experiences of our customers.
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Dear Mr. Ernst,

I am a customer and you want to send you my short experience with your products.
I'm now about half a year since the Molton SanoLife "Skin Repair" and "jojoba Eye Beauty".

Both products are absolutely great ... my skin has never felt so soft and smooth like after using Skin Repair. Though they are one like water and one does not expect that this really could be a liquid moisturizer for the skin, it only takes a few minutes later to touch the skin and you can see how it works.
Even my skin, I tend strongly to pimples when creams that I normally use, also contained just a bit too much fat does, just purely down to the pores and remove impurities watching.
I have tried many products, but I have never experienced something like this incredible product.

To the Jojoba Eye Beauty product I can say that my skin around the eyes even more changes for the better. I'm still so young that I still do not have wrinkles, but I realize trotzem that the skin looks firmer and also just feels better.

I highly recommend both products only and the price I give it out willingly.
I use both now over half a year and the vials are not even used up half of it.

I will gladly continue to order from you ... that's for sure! :-)


Natalie W. in Hanover

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Hamburg, July 2009

Dear Mr. Ernst

16 February 2009, I received the ordered AURA BALANCE BATTERY. #
He was sort of my last hope.
After several doctors, healers, spiritual healers and myself had used different diagnoses, prognoses and treatments without success, with or without medication, I was told by a friend of the AURA-BALANCE-BATTERY.
My faith in a cure dwindled day by day.
The pain below the left knee were more intolerable at night I was woken up every hour through the pain and did not at all know how I should lie still, and during the day I could barely walk a few steps without pain, the climb became increasingly difficult.
But then the unthinkable happened:
After the 2nd Night I woke up in the morning to completely painless and was amazed when I realized that I had slept for the first time after many, many months the night without pain.
I could hardly believe the miracle right.
What so many doctors had failed in all the months, the AURA BALANCE ACCU has accomplished in only 2 nights.
A great success, which continues to this day.
I do not know how to thank you.
Thank you so much says

Claudia-Susann Berg from Hamburg / Email:

P.S. Recently I had the AURA-BALANCE-BATTERY. During a subway ride on the lap, which attracted great attention at a rating to me While she asked me what it was and where to get it, she could already feel the energy flowing while she held her hands over it and really excited said, you send me the "Heaven" ....

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Dear Mr. Ernst,

I you'd like to share my experience with the Hair Elixir and the Skin Repair. I am very satisfied with both products, even after the second time was washing hair after my scalp itch, my husband uses it too, hoping for stronger hair growth. It is very productive and the hair can be easily styled.
The Skin Repair totally inspired me, after only 2 weeks I find my skin more elastic and the hand I have also treated two small warts are gone. Encouraged by this, I have dealt with two major warts under the foot and they are completely gone after some time and have not yet reappeared.
With my son I have treated two small scars on the face and also they were no longer visible after a short time.
My experience may publish your convenience.

Sincerely yours
U. Krawczyk, Schwerin

Schwerin. 02:12:08




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Our son had a serious accident, and had the

Cervical and thoracic vertebrae, several broken.

Since we're already using the prolonged aura balance battery,

good and have had experience with it, we have our

Son bought a Aura Balance battery.

After 10 weeks, it was found that our son was

6 weeks on with the recovery than other patients with such injuries.

For this reason, we can recommend the Aura Balance battery only well continue.

We are very glad to have met Andreas Ernst, of us with this

Aura Balance Battery has helped a lot further.

Fam Hübenthal from Bad Sooden-Allendorf

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I now get the battery early in the mail! Am
wg on sick leave. Congestion. Can not properly
off to sleep and the anxiety and expectant and
However fatigue not going .. Did then equal to ACCU
under my mattress and put the same feeling
never had to back out of the bed like! So the
first hour was awesome! A pleasant warmth with
Relaxed a nice tingle in the whole body!
Have me for the first time in a while in my body
felt comfortable and felt the relaxation! How
Soon more products'll try!

Lots of love

Ulrike Borkowski

Experiences of the family of Frederick Kirchdorf with the Aura Balance Battery
We have tested the so-called aura balance battery in our family and were able to experience incredible effects: So Sandra disappeared with my daughter for years to 14 years old suffering eczema.

The health of my 76-year old father continues to improve: His circulatory disorders are almost no longer exists, its age sugar is improving, his arteriosclerosis dissolves, rather than - as usual at his age - to deteriorate. Since I myself have this "piece of plastic" placed under my mattress, include back pain and migraines in the past. And that, after I had suffered over 17 years and has shown no need any special treatment successes.

Experience with the Aura Balance battery of Mrs. H.
Hello Mr. Ernst, thanks for the info! My experience (after 6 weeks) with battery
are very good. I had for many years always had problems with neck tension, which were at times very severe, so I without
Treatment of my chiropractor not get along. This is blown away at once like and I think it has to do with the battery. For it is
Since no longer occurred. Even my sleep is very evenly and well. At first I was dreaming very strong, consciously or dreamed. that has now placed.

Ms. F.W.
The CelluliEnd helps my legs to be beautiful. My strong cellulite is gone for at least 2/3 in just 5 months. My legs were covered in cellulite, nothing really helped.

Ms. R.D.
Our horse had about 3 years equine Maucke vacancies, no tail more and suffered from severe itching. The Horse Drops could help our horse.

Mr. H. Schwechten. from M
After many failed attempts, I succeeded. I'm With Auras-Vital (Phi Lambda Technology) finally become a Non smoking. I smoked for almost 30 years 2 to 3 pack of cigarettes! After 8 weeks of using Anit-smoking chips I've done it.


SanoLife After Sun Skin Repair Plus and SanoLife


I am now 63 years old and am working since I was 18 am extensively with skin care. My appearance was always important.

About a year ago my friend called me and said she had tried SanoLife Skin Repair, five days before the date when they beautician. These have looked at their skin and ask: What have you done? The skin looks so great! Of SanoLife I received a skin-repair patterns and knew soon, that's awesome! Since then I have not touched a cream more. Since I live in an area, a region with extremely hot temperatures in summer and winter day, but really every day, an icy wind blows, I wondered whether this skin repair was enough for my skin. The summer I got through without any problems and also in the winter, I did not need any extra cream. As I daily long way with the dog in the garden a lot and am working on, I have followed your advice and in the evening instead of SanoLife skin repair, the SanoLife aftersun Plus applied. That's all. I'm really happy that I've finally found the perfect skin care and am no longer needs to be based on the market, what's Newer and better. I wish all women would know this skin repair. A.S.

I wanted to tell you about my Maldives holiday that I have survived without sunburn problems, only thanks SanoLife aftersun Plus, and although I had chosen a weak sun protection factor. Since I use a day SanoLife aftersun Plus the face (against the intense and aggressive solar radiation) and at night SanoLife Skin Repair for regeneration. Optimally. B.K.

SanoLife Skin Repair has accompanied me over 5 years. I used to have large pore and dry skin. On all cosmetic products I tried responded with redness in the face. Since I use SanoLife Skin Repair, my skin itself acne, dry skin, or feelings of tension regenerated in the face - there are such terms in my vocabulary no longer than 5 years. G.B.

I often hear people (63). You have such a beautiful skin or even: You look 20 years younger, how do you do that? Of course, then I'll tell you that I owe this wonderful fact to a large extent SanoLife. I SanoLife Skin Repair discovered in October 2003 for me. 1 ½ years since I do not use day and night creams anymore, but only SanoLife skin repair for face and hands in the morning and evening - a piece of advice from Ms. Oefeli - the SanoLife aftersun Plus. Wonderful proven this care, even during the southern summer heat.

For the harmonization of internal I use regularly as required SanoLife Vita-Drops, SanoLife Metab-Drops, drops and SanoLife symbiosis SanoLife Immunosan. I feel increasingly that something changed in my body essential and affects the entire being. K.R.

Aura Balance soles

I am always amazed at how comfortable I feel with your aura balance soles. With these I can walk hours walking around the city without feeling ever tired or exhausted. Therefore, I make sure to use the soles every day and am very happy with it. My husband is exactly the same. Many thanks and kind regards. M.B.

I would like to inform you that the aura balance soles help greatly. Morning mood I am not so good, but as soon as I put the soles of the slippers, it's a lot better to me a little later. R.E.

Skiing with aura balance soles: I feel much fiter and not get tired so easily. B.S.

My last meeting with my naturopath was a reduction of electro-stress in my body from 100% to 40%, and wearing only one month after the aura balance soles. I also feel very quickly more energy and balance in everyday life. B.W.


I finally removed - almost impossible to believe but it happened. Thanks to my mother, she gave me the slim soles. Until now there are 15 kg. Thank you. P.L.

Your explanation about the aura SanoLife slimming soles have convinced me to try them. Since the 13th May 2005, I wear these insoles in my slippers while 70% of the time.

Without changing my eating habits my weight of 91 kg has decreased in only 5 months on today remained stable, 87 kg! I pushed a second pair SanoLife Aura Slim soles under my orthopedic shoe inserts, and it still works perfectly. So I can recommend the SanoLife aura slimming soles warmly. Thank you! J.H.

Be early May have your slender soles in use and I am very happy to have lost 11 pounds overweight in that short time. What I have been trying various diets, I now managed without difficulty. I highly recommend this well-soles and of course I'll keep still. Thank you! R.K.

Thanks to the aura SanoLife slimming soles I can now maintain my weight, the eternal stress with exercise bikes is over! Now it's fun, because now I am no longer forced to struggle 1 ½ hours, just so I do not really increasing. For now I have, thanks to the aura SanoLife slimming sole developed a sense and feel what food is doing well with. I wear them for half a year and with a success that it sees. Many thanks to the team SanoLife. J.F.

Cat and Dog Drops

Our pet products refute the "placebo effect", which is called repeatedly. Many times have we heard that a "summer eczema" has disappeared in the horse or that the character of an animal, especially dogs and cats, has changed very positively. Older animals have suddenly life force and will be like "young".

Lizards / snakes

Shedding my lizard is easier if they are sprayed with SanoLife Reptile Drops (3 drops to 2 dl warm water)! The same goes for snakes. It is interesting to see how the mantis the SanoLife Reptile Drops of pure brush licks. In general, I can observe that these drops my delicate animals do well. D.S.


The CelluiEnd helps my legs to be noticeably better. My strong cellulite is gone to at least 2/3 within 5 months. My legs were over 15 years full of cellulite, nothing really helped. The change has been noticed through my jeans long! F.W.

Climac-Help Drops

About the effect of SanoLife Climac-Help Drops I can report the following: That the menopause made my life difficult, I do not just want. But I was restricted in so far that I was suffering from severe heat flashes.

On the day I was actually quite good to deal with it, but at night sleep was disturbed. Wet with sweat and shivering, I stood on each and was wide awake. A botanical drug did not help. Serenity was so popular. Then I learned from my neighbor know the SanoLife products. Curious but skeptical, I ordered the me SanoLife Climac-Help Drops. For a month I guess this is now a wonder-drops. And it is simply brilliant: The flashes have virtually disappeared and I sleep the same again.

Just a few days after the first dose fell to my sister that I had much less flushes. I can highly recommend this product further. Thanks for pioneering work and the always friendly advice. C.S.

On your advice, I have SanoLife Climac-Help in use. It helps me excellent against hot flashes at night, I am free of discomfort, take each day just one time 3 drops. B.S.

Elixir Hair and Skin Repair

I find the great hair treatment with the SanoLife Hair Elixir. Since I have a perm and dye my hair, the scalp was always a problem. From the beginning, had the product, within a very short time, my dandruff away. Now the hair "as" have, I do not need more hair spray and annoying Juckereiz is gone totally. Such beautiful hair I had not even as a young girl! This is my absolute favorite, followed by SanoLife skin repair, which I would never be without it. My skin has become so beautiful. B.K.

Immuno-San: Experiences of a 6 month old baby (female)

Since February 2010, a cold, coughing all the time and the doctors give you anything, because the baby is too small. Had already 2 times in the hospital because there was almost no air and mucus was drawn off. It is now June and it is still not good. My recommendation Immuno-San. These were then placed as a gift from SanoLife available. After 2-3 days, there was an improvement, especially at first the girl could sleep through several hours of the night. It is always better then the cough goes away and after 3-4 weeks they no longer coughing. Have recommended to give the drops continue to rub. B.S.

For years I suffered in adulthood often in colds with especially strong colds and often angina, although the tonsils removed. For problems with the side and frontal sinus infections I used 1 bottle of sinusitis in combination with immuno-San. After 3 months, colds and more rare and even if one came, he fell out of a lot less. Immuno-San heard but since then my standard drops. This I take regularly in the fall and winter months. So I am left now spared years of severe flu. If I notice again that it scratches in the throat or itchy nose, then I take the evening before I go to sleep. Teaspoon Immuno-San and then in the morning everything is fine again I can recommend to all immuno-San always something very sickly. It has helped me so great. Thank you for this valuable product. B.S.

My Review of the San SanoLife immuno-drop: Although I often with flu viruses come into contact and was very affected by external circumstances, I was never sick. Once I felt signs of disease, I immediately took the SanoLife Immuno-San drops. The next day, I felt healthy and fit. I scored well in children with these drops, the same effect. But it is nice to be so healthy through the winter time is. E.K.


Previously I had the impression that the food in the refrigerator very quickly lose their vitality. Since I installed the refrigerator-platter, the energy / vitality of the food remains a long time constant.

Durability is clearly improved. We can even eat homemade jams again with very little sugar. Since we only eat bread on the weekend, my jams have become increasingly poor. Now we can do it again to eat the finished glass.

In summary: a compliment for this product! G.M.

Any food I keep in the fridge, gets in no time better energy state. Longer shelf life of course! However, the compatibility of the food is better. I notice at my digestion. The taste improves. I put almost all the food in the fridge, even though it did not belong, at least for 10 minutes. Thank you for this product. H.B.

Whipped cream in my fridge keeps most recently 24 hours and without the stabilizer or other ingredients. The cream does not curdle and looks fresh. This is new for me and a reason to recommend this "miracle", even though I can not explain it. T.B.

The products in the refrigerator to keep fresh for a long time. The carrots stay very long crisp. I always have a lot of it in stock. Everything else keeps very well, and very rarely do I have to throw something. Some time ago, I gave my mother a refrigerator-platter birthday. She shares my experience with it and is totally excited about it. H.S.

Cottage cheese, yogurt, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, in short, everything keeps much better. I am always amazed. B.H.

In the milk drink, I noticed that I have the milk up to a week keeps the expiration date. That helps me a lot because I do not drink as much milk and so also can buy 2 liters without me they must then throw away. B.S.

Still, I've only made the best experiences with the refrigerator-platter. Nothing spoils more, I buy only once in a week and always have top-fresh fruits and vegetables, such as lettuce, peppers, zucchini, apples or bananas. Not to mention the value that is transmitted these foods.

I am very grateful and would appreciate it. My tip: Do not store fruits and vegetables in a plastic bag, but in glass or ceramic bowls or on plates. B.K.


For years I have a problem with my underwear, which affects not only me but also my 5 year old son. I myself am suffering from very severe itching all over the body, and although pronounced differently, depending on what I use for a detergent. With my son, it is even worse, because he suffers from eczema. I have in recent years certainly tried almost everything to get away but I've got this itch before.

I heard from a friend about your ball and your Lavo Lavo-san and I tried it immediately. Really amazing, I have only very small amount of detergent used and the laundry has become fresh and clean. I do not use fabric softener in a long time. Now I have the Lavo-San made in recent Spühlgang. I could not believe it, the itching had almost completely disappeared, and also with my son I felt a marked improvement.

I am really happy with these two products and I did it once calculated, I save even more money here. Super! B.P.

I've learned that I really just need a little detergent, and the laundry is perfectly clean tip. In the winter months I suffered often from itching and with the use of Lavo-Ball and Lavo-San is the itching occurred only rarely and when he comes, I rub a few drops of PsoriEnd Cosmetic and in no time the itching is gone.

The feel-good effect in the washed with Lavon and San Lavo-ball gowns is unique.

My skin is thanks to Body Care and Cosmetic PsoriEnd-used regularly for at least 6 months (daily) thrown together with soft - as if the skin back 20! And I'm 47th Of course I do not listen to it now, like so that it will remain as long as possible. B.S.

Finally I get you to talk about my experiences with Lavo-San/Lavo-Ball. I need this product now regularly when washing. It does indeed only a very small amount of detergent and the laundry is clean!

Lavo-Ball I need too, but since we have very hard water, I mix with very few finishers and get the same result. The savings is astounding!

I think I could not wash without these two products ..... although the mode of action I still do not understand. But you do not know everything. Thanks again for these very useful products. A.e.

Your washing ball - a super hit! Wash with as little detergent so clean, so lovely to get smelling laundry, borders on the unbelievable. In addition, I see that white garments that have been in process of time is slightly gray, white with every wash! H.N.

It is truly amazing how my body feels comfortable on the skin wash, since I use the Lavo-San. H.B

Muscle Fit

I go to the gym every week. The physical education teacher will be concentrating on a different issue each time zone. Once there, the hips, then the waist, arms and so on. Despite the good stretching exercises I notice after the exercise, the muscles that have been claimed. After showering, I wear it on the SanoLife Muscle Fit. So I have never sore. Those who are not convinced of the effect, should the SanoLife Muscle Fit time use only on one side of the body. The next morning, you realize immediately what muscles are too acidic. S.B.

Before skiing apply the Muscle-fit helps my muscles huge. After showering back Muscle Fit and apply the muscle is minimal, if at all noticeable. Of course it also depends on the load and the duration of skiing. But without Muscle Fit, I would not get on the skis. I can recommend all athletes warmest. B.S.


Under "subtle" I can not imagine anything, but I can say that I am from the night Relax hundred percent convinced. Since I take every night before going to sleep the night Relax, I sleep much better and deeper. I wake up and hardly feel the morning well rested and fit. D. G.

I'll take the night Relax every night and I feel so well. My sleep is a little deeper and I feel cleaned up in the morning. G.M.

PC aura protection

I work every day some 8 - 9 hours on the computer. It may also happen that there are peak periods of up to 12 hours! No headaches and good welfare - despite all this time on the computer. The laptop I just show the "platter" to the screen, because you can not stick it, because otherwise the collapse of the laptop does not work anymore. So it works fine and shows the same effect as on the PC. I not want to miss the SanoLife PC aura protection. B.S.


Due to very dry skin with itching and skin problems, I've tried PsoriEnd Cosmetics. The Ju
Kreiz disappeared after a short time, the skin is not dry, it still needs some time. Thank you! D.T.

Pollen-Safe (pollen allergy)

To my last "bioresonance session" I took some different SanoLife products, among others SanoLife pollen safe. That was in the early summer. Since I have a pollen allergy, I was especially curious about my reaction in relation to the SanoLife pollen drops. And had been very positive and clearly in favor of pollen SanoLife safe! J. K.

Stress Drops

Dear Mrs. Oefeli, Love Sanolife team, I was able to try out the stress drops and am thrilled. 4 children, home and garden, 2 cats, 3 hens, 70% workload at school, everything seemed to be in over his head.

With the drops I have become more calm and relaxed, which has also had an impact on the children. <span title=